To-do List

 Below is just a random list I want to keep somewhere central of all the items I want to make, its kinda like the most ultimate ongoing craft list lol!

Once an item is done I will take it of this list and blog about it, YAY!

I need this kitchen in my life

 Ongoing craft wish list/to-do’s

 Once I finish my Halloween embroidery make it into a bag a la –

Sort out your fabric so you can see it! –

Knit a yellow jumper –

I want to buy one of these and spin it sometime –

I want to make a cute bedspread and put lace around the pillowcases! –

I want to start pressing flowers and make a book full of them! –

I so so so want to make one of these –

Make a granny square quilt –

Make some dungaree’s

Make a new ironing board cover and make an ironing board for your desk (make one for Corrine to)

Make a few of these!

Oh and loads of these cute ones, preferably from rocks on the sea!

Make a couple of these

Make a cute sewing machine cover –

Deffo do something with this block

Ok like have to make

This is the mini quilt of my dreams

Mini bunting for work, check!

I really need to make a little EPP thing for everything, so I can pick up something when I’m on the go or or

Needlebooks do need to be made and

Knit a jumper

In there like swimwear

I want to sew up some lovely drip cloths for my new house

These will be mine!

Um one day

This is what I am going to make with my dropcloth samplers

OH yeah

Hmmmm this would be kinda cool smaller though

I’m putting this here as I want to do something in these colours an EPP maybe liberty???

Will be designing and making this into a seat cushion for my craft space, Make it bright!

So wanting to make these

Because everyone needs one of these and I can see it being so in handy

I’d love to make a kinda zombie green and black version

Wanted to make one of these for ages!

Yep Christmas pillows for me and Susie!

Oh these look like my everyday work pants, I can really see them working in a range of colours!

Will be making something similar for my scraps

Sounds good

Be still my heart

This looks like a lovely winter thing

Dude this is how organised I’d love to be

I can see Christmas themed socks coming my way!

I so want a jumper like this one


Up to page 16 of my favourites, probably should of gone from the other way ahhh well it’s a start right???


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