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WIP Wednesday 1

WIP Wednesday 1 (1)

Well I would really really like to start showing you little items which I am working on at a time, It seems like I work on a million projects at once, finish a thousand of them and then only show one of them on here.

So lets see how I will do with showing my projects weekly!

WIP Wednesday 1 (3)

Here we have is a (fingers crossed) fairy lol! (can you spot the stupid mistake I made when drawing the accents on! Yep looks like she has some weird boob stuff going on) I am doing her for my Very Berry Handmade ATC swap and I am so happy and excited to see her progress. She is very loosely based on the fairy above as you can see I used her general shaping and accents to make mine but that’s about it.

I don’t know how I am going to do her hair, I’d like to add in a couple of beads to just in front of her ear and I was thinking of swirls for her wings………………………………….and that’s about as far as I’ve got on ideas.

Yep and that’s my WIP Wednesday 🙂


WIP Wednesday


Well doesn’t time fly, don’t have much to show you today as I am currently sewing up a storm, trying to get my sample swaps finished for the Fat Quarterly Retreat
Finally getting around to doing my samples for #fatquarterlyretreat yay. First one done and by golly dont I want to keep it! #swoonquilt #quilting #quilt #lizzyhouse #swoon #swoonblock #mini #miniquilt

And knitting up a storm in the hopes that I can finish this pair of socks before I get on the plane on Friday, I will be so gutted if I don’t manage to finish this stage as it’s the second to last pair!!
Attemptinv to finish my stage 5 #tourdesock socks before I get on that plane on Friday.  Knitting like the wind. Fingers crossed I do I'd hate to admit defeat on the second to last pair!!

Oh and I made my dad a quick birthday card for today!
Just made my dad's birthday card for next week! #gnome #studiocalico #card #happybirthday

And I’m so looking forward to getting on that plane on Friday and sewing/spending a storm lol!