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Fat Quarterly Retreat – Saturday and Sunday

YAY! Ok you ready for Saturday and Sunday?

First things first, the amazing goody bag which we all got, we were truly spoiled!! 4 fat Quarters, four charm packs, a lovely swatch keeper, some sample soaks, some elastic, and thread. Funny thing about the thread is, can you see the one below on the wooden spool, on the plane ride over we were looking at the new Quilt Now mag and seen this new thread in it and my first thought was “I have to get myself some of that, those wooden spools are sooooooooooo cute” So yeah perfect I have one to try lol. Cannot wait to figure out what to do with all the lovely fabric!



Saturday morning was screen printing class, and WOW! I loved every minute of it and I soaked up everything that I could from this class, cannot wait to do some more screen printing, I already have such an amazing idea for my strawberry swap!

My first attempt, I decided due to receiving a plain goody bag I’d make it into a FQR 2014 bag lol


I also had another go with some Swedish fishes


My finished items, I also made some fabric, no idea what to do with it, just got overly excited to be able to do screen printing lol. The little bag with the fishes was done for Corrine!


I couldn’t help myself buy some fabric, I’ve been drooling over her fabric for ages, no idea what I’m going to do with it, I JUST NEEDED IT IN MY LIFE lol!


Corrine in her class which was in the same room as my screen printing class


My second class of the day was quilt math, no photo’s because golly my brain was fried really really fried, but I learned so much about the math of quilts and how to calculate allot of things, very happy with the class.

Then it was onto some more Liberty shopping, we had been told over and over again that we needed to go to Shaukat Fabrics for some Liberty and were we disappointing, hell no! I seriously almost face planted myself, the selection of fabric was amazing.



Ok I died and went to heaven when I seen this fabric, wish to God I knew what line it was from, as I really really really need to get my hands on some of it, maybe enough for a dress, yes enough for a dress would be good lol.


Thankfully Shaukat had off cuts to buy so we had a good rummage and I found the below fabric’s to go with my previous two. Taking away the green, which I got just because lol, what theme can you see running through? Yep 70’s child all the way!!



Saturday night we got back for some more shopping, I bought a lovely bundle from The Village Haberdashery (will show in a stash post, when I get around to sorting through my luggage, way to much fabric lol) and we stayed till the end of the quiz another late night.


Yep no photo’s of my first class but it was in touchdraw which I managed to remember to download before going lol. It was a very insightful class, and I learned allot about the app,cannot wait to get my teeth properly into it and learn what it really can do!

My last class of the day was Modern Knots, and boy for such a simple idea it really is an amazing looking finishing piece. I could so see myself finish a quilt this way as it would be lovely and you can do it any which way lol. I also really loved listening Thomas Knauer, his stories were lovely and it shows that he has such a passion for what he does.



The rest of the day was spent going to the actually Village Haberdashery shop, where I bought another couple of items! Hmmmm can really see a theme here with the Village Haberdashery, I think I must be obsessed lol!

We also stayed all day Monday, but I wont bore you with photo’s of the Natural History Museum, you can see them all on my flickr account though!

And that brings me to the end of my Fat Quarterly Retreat, and I have quite mixed feelings about it all, now I think back I actually loved almost every moment of it, it was lovely to talk to like minded. Would I go again, hmmmmm only time would tell on that matter.


Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014 Part 1 – Friday – Very very photo heavy

Well I am so late to the party, I think everyone is either asleep on the sofa or swimming in the fountain! Anyho, here are some lovely tidbits, of which I haven’t included all the photos but my favorites.

For the best I have split my Fat Quarterly Retreat into two parts, as I took a million photo’s on Friday and then yeah almost nothing for the rest, mainly because I was focusing so much on the classes, so sit back enjoy my really bad narrative and equally bad photo’s lol!

On Friday we got Michael up to drop us of for the first plane out for the day from the IOM, the sun was shinning and it was getting quite hot, and we were both very very excited!

More FQR photos
More FQR photos
More FQR photos

Touched down and managed to get onto the first train to get to our hotel, and I couldn’t help but take quite a few photo’s of the Tate and Lyle factory!


Obligatory selfie on a train

More FQR photos

How amazing are these archways with the paintings/drawings behind?


We got to our hotel booked in and meet up with Sue, to go shopping!! Cue more trains!


Amazing shop windows


I’ve been drooling over so much online for Anthropologie so actually going into the shop was amazing. I wanted it all, in the end I came out with one amazing fish door nob (in my wishlist). They also had some lovely quilting inspiration in the flooring and patterns.


One day these mushroom dishes will be mine! If I wasn’t worried they might get broken in the traveling they would be already.


AND THEN ONTO LIBERTY! To be honest it’s only recently that I’ve gotten into liberty and after having a proper walk around the store I could see myself buying so so much of the stuff. Thankfully I’m currently in the mindset of only buying fabric I really have a plan for, so I bought two different fabrics which I will show at a later date!


The flowers outside the shop made me want to instantly buy a house around the corner and then buy flowers everyday to fill it!


I wanted this suitcase so so so much


One of the two colours I bought! Super swoon!


My favourite photo of the whole weekend lol! Corrine got super excited about getting some Tula Pink, she didn’t get any liberty only because we were very overwhelmed and thought it was awful we couldn’t buy any FQ of the fabric!


Then we found out the time and had to skip it to get back in time for the start! We stopped of at Muriel’s Kitchen, for a very expensive lunch! I had a lovely chicken escalope with some salad and a brownie which I never got around to eating lol.


Then to the start of Fat Quarterly Retreat yay! A quick hello all around.


And onto my first class which was paper piercing, I was hoping to learn something new in this class, but turns out I have been doing paper piercing right all along lol! Which is always a plus point, so I spent the time getting used to the machine, which was lovely might have to upgrade my £99 special lol.


Cue a massive power cut half way through the class, turns out it was for half the street, but when you go down for a cuppa and a natter, and you see water pouring out of the ceiling and people looking very worried, makes you wonder and makes for a strange day yes?


And then onto my finished item YAY! managed to make one bag (mines the grey and purple one with the very pink heart) I was very happy to finish and I learned a lovely tip about making box bags which more than made up for not learning anything new in the class!


After class Sue and Sue and a couple of other people who I feel God awful about the fact I can remember their names (SORRY!!!) invited us to dinner at a cute Italian place called ASK. The food was lovely and the conversation was amazingly good too, I loved every minute of it!


Then it was back to sew up some quilt tops for the Siblings Together initiative. For a first timer I felt very over my head, the competition side of it was amazing, and it was lovely to be included in such a good deserving charity action.

Onto the last photo’s of the day which were the amazing sunset seen from the terrace!



And that’s it for the Friday, loads of photo’s of nothing really. It was a lovely busy day and we didn’t get to bed till some randomly late time due to it being so hot, so so so hot!

WIP Wednesday


Well doesn’t time fly, don’t have much to show you today as I am currently sewing up a storm, trying to get my sample swaps finished for the Fat Quarterly Retreat
Finally getting around to doing my samples for #fatquarterlyretreat yay. First one done and by golly dont I want to keep it! #swoonquilt #quilting #quilt #lizzyhouse #swoon #swoonblock #mini #miniquilt

And knitting up a storm in the hopes that I can finish this pair of socks before I get on the plane on Friday, I will be so gutted if I don’t manage to finish this stage as it’s the second to last pair!!
Attemptinv to finish my stage 5 #tourdesock socks before I get on that plane on Friday.  Knitting like the wind. Fingers crossed I do I'd hate to admit defeat on the second to last pair!!

Oh and I made my dad a quick birthday card for today!
Just made my dad's birthday card for next week! #gnome #studiocalico #card #happybirthday

And I’m so looking forward to getting on that plane on Friday and sewing/spending a storm lol!

Well Hello There

For the Fat Quarterly Link-up

Well hello there

I’m Nessy and I’m so excited to go on my first quilting retreat weekend, I don’t really know what to add to this apart from that’s me above, I don’t know whether I’ll colour in my eyebrows or not but you cannot miss me with the green hair, and even better is my sister is coming along to and she has blue hair so we are going to be amazing!

A few quick random facts:

I made my first mini quilt just a couple of weeks ago.
I am really really new to quilting even though I’ve owned a sewing machine for ages.
I have an obsession with vintage sewing machines and to count own 4.
I have way too much fabric, most of its yellow lol!
I have an obsession with Lizzy House fabric and wish I horded it all instead of using it.
I have two EPP quilts on the go, of which one I started golly over 3 years ago and I don’t even think it’s to single bed size lol!
And to go with the two quilts above I also have 2 machine sewed quilts on the go.
I love a decent brew and will probably be bringing my own honey/biscuits too much on.
I’m scared of flying, literally scared as hell, but know that you have to go against the grain sometimes.
I’ve had green hair for 6 years now.
I dream of making my own clothing.
Apart from sewing I also knit, crochet, scrapbook, dye wool, spin wool, card make and DIY. If you know of a craft I’ve probably done it I dabble in everything!
I love gardening!

I think that’s enough I could probably go on for days!

Below are the classes I am doing, and I really cannot wait to meet everyone, me and my sister will be in London from around 10am onwards and will be in the Strathmore Hotel café just pottering around, if anyone wants to join, we will probably nip somewhere for lunch before we go to our first class!

Friday pm
Mail Organiser with Tasha Bruecher
Block Party (cannot wait will be bringing loads of scraps)

Saturday am
Screen Printing with Karen Kewis (so excited, hoping I can learn how to screen print on fabric as have an amazing idea for my upcoming strawberry swap)

Saturday pm
Getting your Patterns into print with Jenny Fox Proverbs (hoping to learn something here)
Quilt Maths with Lynne Goldsworthy (the main reason we are going!)
All the afternoon activities!!!

Sunday am
Touchdraw with Lynne Goldsworthy
Modern Knots with Thomas Knauer

Should be an exciting weekend best of all me and my sister have taken an extra day of work and will be spending all day in the Natural History Museum, so cannot wait.

So yep hope that is all, we don’t bite and I cannot wait to make friends and find loads of blogs I should be reading, learning loads and spending money lol

FAt Quarterly Retreat Update

Well well well we got to chose our classes yay! And not so yay, as they are not on a first come first served basis I’m really worried that the class I’m only going for really, Quilt Math, isn’t going to be a class I’m going to be put forward for. SUPER GAH! Fingers crossed I can only hope!

Anyway the classes I picked are (taken from their website), in no particular order and I cannot remember which ones I have a 1/2 or 3, I just know I said I deffo didn’t want to do the rest!

Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quiltingwith Trudi Wood
Learn (or build on your) free motion quilting skills. Focusing on technique, you will learn how to set yourself up for success so you can finish a project without unpicking or throwing it out of the window! We’ll also look at thread, needles, wadding and speed, and how they can affect your results

Screen Printing

Screen Printingwith Karen Lewis
Learn to screen print your own fabric with this easy embroidery hoop method. You will learn how to prepare a stencil along with simple techniques that can be carried over to using bigger screens at home.

Getting your Patchwork Into Print

Getting your Patchwork Into Printwith Jenny Fox-Proverbs
Advice, tips and tricks for gettting your Patchwork into print with the Editor of Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

Modern Knots

Modern Knotswith Thomas Knauer
In this class you will make a wholecloth mini-quilt in which the practice of tying the quilt (instead of stitched quilting) forms the quilt design. We will make a seven-color off-center diamond pattern and learn a good knotting technique.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Green Tea and Sweet Beanswith Jen Kingwell
During this class we will enjoy the peaceful art of hand piecing and or appliqué. You may choose any section of “green tea and sweet beans” to work on.

Hand Quilting

Hand Quiltingwith Jen Kingwell
Bring along a quilt Sandwich and practice your hand quilting skills.

Fabric Bread Basket

Fabric Bread Basketwith Jo Avery
Turn a patchwork block into one of these clever, foldable fabric baskets. These can be used to store all sorts of things from bread rolls to thread spools. They also make fabulous gifts as they are flat and light to post. Choose from 3 different blocks to suit all skill levels and the whole thing can be finished within the class. You can even make a mini ‘thread catcher’ version too if you are quick!

Further Adventures in Embroidery

Further Adventures in Embroiderywith Jo Avery
So you can do the basic embroidery stitches like backstitch and French knots but you want to take things further? Well jump up to the next level with this ‘improver’ class. We will be tackling bullion knots, blanket and satin stitch, raised rose, spiderweb wheel, and how to whip your stitches! Plus Jo will be sharing all her embroidery tips and advice during the class.

Mail Organiser

Mail Organiserwith Tacha Bruecher
Get to grips with foundation paper piecing by making this cute mail organiser designed by Ayumi Takahashi for my Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects book.

Quilt Maths

Quilt Mathswith Lynne Goldsworthy
Learn how to calculate yardage, washings, bindings, backings, how to calculate the size of setting triangles, how to re-size blocks and re-size quilts and how to calculate how much fabric you need to buy for your projects. We’ll do a bit of simple quilt geometry too. Bring a pencil, some paper and a calculator (the one on your phone is just fine) and we will have an easy, fun session to take away the fear of Quilt Maths

Touchdraw for iPad

Touchdraw for iPadwith Lynne Goldsworthy
For those of you who missed it last year, here’s another chance to learn how to use this cheap, simple graphics program to design quilt blocks, quilts, to create buttons, blog headers, to design quilt templates, the draw up quilt block assembly diagrams and to help you with your Quilt Maths.
Hoping to get another swoon block done this week or at least started! I might even just start cutting all my fabric out and make a proper effort, as I know I will be buying the background fabric in drips and drabs! Really need to look at getting a load more greys, blues, silvers for my sisters wedding quilt as really want to start that, and I’ve started to buy a collection of colours for my Mums Tula Pink Butterfly quilt lol! To much going on, but I love it!!!
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