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Pink Castle Fabric Cotton and Steel Club – August (and a new project)

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (1) [50%]

So what can I say, I love the new fabrics which are under the header Cotton and Steel and I own quite a few of them myself (mostly shiny basic’s lol), but I couldn’t pass up the chance of getting more, especially after having spoken to Pink Castle Fabrics and learning that the club will incorporate any new fabric lines they bring out, so for me it was a win win situation.

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (2) [50%]

All of the together, the monthly club supplies 12 fabrics per month, 9-10 patterned and 2-3 basics, which is a lovely mix

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (3) [50%]

I love love love the cats that are shown here, fingers crossed I get some in the blue, if not I’ll be buying them!

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (4) [50%]

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (5) [50%]

We got the arrows in the first month which is interesting!

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (6) [50%]

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (7) [50%]

This fabric I love, you can just see some lovely lace attached to that border and it being made into a couple of cute pillow cases…….hmmmmmmm actually might have to save and buy some of this to do just that lol!

One of the best things I love and hate about monthly clubs, there are obviously items which you are going to love and ones which you are going to hate, thankfully there is nothing in the Cotton and Steel collections this season which I detest so much that I wouldn’t want it. There are allot which if I was buying myself I wouldn’t even touch though, the first fabric, the pink flowers, the doily’s and the place names to name the ones out of this month, but in all seriousness that’s what makes this exciting for me, to use something I wouldn’t normally buy, and for onceĀ I also knew instantly after I ordered the club what I wanted to make with my new fabric’s straight off, a lovely modern Farmer’s Wife quilt.

Cotton&Steel PCF Club 2014 August (8) [50%]

I already have the book so that’s a plus point. I’m hoping to make 2-3 or more blocks a month, using just what I get from the club, she says! I’m hoping to make the King Sized quilt like normal, this will be made out of 145 blocks, and as the book states I’m going to have to repeat 34 of my favorite blocks or add some others. I don’t know which one I will do yet….. that will be a we’ll get to that bridge when we get there kinda thing.

So yeah, another project to add to the pile lol! Is anyone else doing the Farmer’s Wife quilt? Or has done? Was it a fun block project????