About Me


I’m Nessy and that’s me above with my other half. The photo was taken during my sister’s wedding and I love it to bits, it shows who we are in a flash, plus it’s very rare to get the other half to smile in photos lol.

We currently live with my sister, our two dogs (Joey and Oscar), her two dogs (Suki and Bob), our cat (BamBam) and her cat (Spider). It can be quite a mental home but I wouldn’t change it for anything. We are currently saving, well trying to save, for our dream home. I say dream, we don’t earn enough for the “dream” home but I know wherever we end up I can make it feel like home to us.

I daydream too much, drink to many cups of tea and obsess about cakes and biscuits all the time!

My obsessions hobbies include but are not exclusive to the following list: my allotment, growing, gardening, knitting, sewing, spinning, scrapbooking, card making, cycling, money saving, self-sufficiency, reading, my other half, our dogs, thifting, eating, cake, tea, coffee, the beach, Sunday walks, kitchens, preserving, canning, vintage and many more things in and between. Oh and anything on two wheels 🙂 so expect allot of stuff about bikes!

Please check out my allotment and food blog on: https://mulchoverwinter.wordpress.com/


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