Strawberry Swap

When I was younger (not that I’m older but still) I used to do swaps and not one or two here or there I was almost a swap queen doing several each month, the older I got and the more school work I had to do I slowed down my swapping all the way to being non-existent. I have even forgot my craftster id and password so couldn’t even try again if I tried. I never even gave swaps another thought till after I done my mini quilt. I just loved every moment of making and I love Love LOVE making items for other people. probably just a wee bit more than if I am making myself something.

So with my love for swapping blossoming again I just couldn’t pass this swap up, and I have to say I’m very lucky I seen it, instantly I sent a message over (as I was cutting the time very fine) and joined YAY!

The older I am getting the more I want to send and receive items that are going to be used for year to come, not just items that are there. So once I learned that my partner was overeasy I knew instantly that I wanted to make another sew together bag, honestly I use mine so much and it holds so much, I need to at least make myself 1000 more for everything lol.

Strawberry Swap 2014 (1)
Strawberry Swap 2014 (2)

I am so much in love with this one, yes its not perfect and as it’s only my second try and making one it was never going to be perfect, but I love its quirks. With the idea being a “strawberry swap” I thought long and hard on what I wanted to do. I couldn’t find any strawberry fabric I loved enough to buy to use and well when I seen these “cottage” inspired fabrics I instantly thought of clotted cream ice cream with strawberries in a vanilla syrup. So I was so sold. I tried to add as many of the different fabrics as possible  so its very scrappy inspired.

Strawberry Swap 2014 (3)

How cute do these zips look, I tried my best to match them with the overall outer colours, still think the dark pink is to harsh but it add just another quirky item! Fun fact, my other half picked me up one lunchtime and drove me all the way to Onchan so I could buy the long white zip, how I managed to just buy a zipper the world only knows lol.

Strawberry Swap 2014 (4)

Strawberry Swap 2014 (8)

The outside pockets are just the same as the front piece, striped and sewn together, I think it adds just another cute element. The insides are yep wait for it Lizzy House fabric I had which matched everything lol. and well whats a project of mine without Lizzy House, lets get it over with and just state I’m addicted…!

Strawberry Swap 2014 (6)
Strawberry Swap 2014 (5)

The sides are just adorable. This strawberry fabric I received in a swap during Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014, I so wanted to have enough for both sides but it was cut a wee bit on a slant lol so going to find something cute to make with the rest of it, the gingham is well how can you have strawberries without gingham, yeah you can’t!!

Other interesting facts, this time I used super heavy interfacing and it shows, the construction in 100% more sturdy and it even stands up by itself, changing the interfacing has to be the best change I ever did, and at least I am learning…………..which is always a good thing! I also really need to buy a zipper foot using the 1/4inch seam foot isn’t the best, hmmm yep isn’t the best, a lovely look but 1000% harder! I also want to make another!!! Love love love the pattern.

The second item I made for my swap was some screen printed fabric, I thought this swap would be the perfect try to make some amazing fabric especially after my high of learning a new skill, kinda went to pot, I ran out of linen tried silk and yeah it just didn’t work, so had to hand paint on the leafs and the pips. The overall effect is something like what I wanted, I really wanted the strawberries more closely together and I was going to do more but yeah just wasn’t working, still happy with how it looks though, sorry the photo’s are crap!

Strawberry Swap 2014 (9)
Strawberry Swap 2014 (10)

Yep so that’s it, I’ve already been bitten by the bug and have signed up for a few more, cannot wait to start getting crafting!


One thought on “Strawberry Swap

  1. yegscheri says:

    Adorable. Glad you have found the time to get back to Swaps.

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