More of me

So these last couple of weeks, month’s golly probably years I’ve been trying to find somewhere that feels like me but online. I’ve wanted to have somewhere where I can track everything and look back and go wow did I really do that. These last couple of weeks have really brought this to the forefront of my mind, and soon I will be going on my own in the world and I will have my first ever home, somewhere which is just mine (and the other half’s lol, but the decorating is all mine!) and well I want to track it, I want to look back and know that however scared I am everything turned out ok in the end.

So why am I writing this here, well I was just going to keep this as a “craft” blog and even then it mainly stayed as a “fabric” blog, so I am morphing this place more into me, more into somewhere I can write my feelings while also showing my newest crafty item, or something cute I’ve just bought.

So let the journey begin!


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