Well Hello There

For the Fat Quarterly Link-up

Well hello there

I’m Nessy and I’m so excited to go on my first quilting retreat weekend, I don’t really know what to add to this apart from that’s me above, I don’t know whether I’ll colour in my eyebrows or not but you cannot miss me with the green hair, and even better is my sister is coming along to and she has blue hair so we are going to be amazing!

A few quick random facts:

I made my first mini quilt just a couple of weeks ago.
I am really really new to quilting even though I’ve owned a sewing machine for ages.
I have an obsession with vintage sewing machines and to count own 4.
I have way too much fabric, most of its yellow lol!
I have an obsession with Lizzy House fabric and wish I horded it all instead of using it.
I have two EPP quilts on the go, of which one I started golly over 3 years ago and I don’t even think it’s to single bed size lol!
And to go with the two quilts above I also have 2 machine sewed quilts on the go.
I love a decent brew and will probably be bringing my own honey/biscuits too much on.
I’m scared of flying, literally scared as hell, but know that you have to go against the grain sometimes.
I’ve had green hair for 6 years now.
I dream of making my own clothing.
Apart from sewing I also knit, crochet, scrapbook, dye wool, spin wool, card make and DIY. If you know of a craft I’ve probably done it I dabble in everything!
I love gardening!

I think that’s enough I could probably go on for days!

Below are the classes I am doing, and I really cannot wait to meet everyone, me and my sister will be in London from around 10am onwards and will be in the Strathmore Hotel café just pottering around, if anyone wants to join, we will probably nip somewhere for lunch before we go to our first class!

Friday pm
Mail Organiser with Tasha Bruecher
Block Party (cannot wait will be bringing loads of scraps)

Saturday am
Screen Printing with Karen Kewis (so excited, hoping I can learn how to screen print on fabric as have an amazing idea for my upcoming strawberry swap)

Saturday pm
Getting your Patterns into print with Jenny Fox Proverbs (hoping to learn something here)
Quilt Maths with Lynne Goldsworthy (the main reason we are going!)
All the afternoon activities!!!

Sunday am
Touchdraw with Lynne Goldsworthy
Modern Knots with Thomas Knauer

Should be an exciting weekend best of all me and my sister have taken an extra day of work and will be spending all day in the Natural History Museum, so cannot wait.

So yep hope that is all, we don’t bite and I cannot wait to make friends and find loads of blogs I should be reading, learning loads and spending money lol


4 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  1. Cara says:

    Yay! Look forward to seeing you and your sister – you’ll have a great weekend!!

  2. We have the same Saturday and Sunday classes! I fly in a few hours, see you there!

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