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WIP Wednesday

Well its time for WIP wednesday, now my room is semi sorted and I have the space to be creative I’ve managed to start a few projects.

First up knitting, this is my yarn and needles for Phloem Socks which I’m going to be knitting for the SKA May challenge quite looking forward to knitting another pair of socks, especially as I keep trying to make my friends socks and well they are a size 7 and I’m a size 9, its just a wee bit hard for me lol

Next up is new fabric YAY! I bought this the past week, the white is going onto my swoon quilt and the blue/greys are going onto my sisters wedding single girl quilt. I’ve added a couple more blue and grey fabric so will be ticking along with that soon hopefully (fingers crossed) 36FQ is alot of fabric to aquire!!

Last but not least my swoon quilt, I’ve started to cut the fabric for my swoon quil, I just hope that I’ve matched the fabric in two’s properly as I’m pretty worried its going to look like a hot mess, ahhhh well just gotta go with the flow and see how we do!

Cannot wait to see what everyone else is making this week 🙂

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Finally getting there and a birthday card

What your looking at here (apart from the messy parts and the dirty mirror) is my crafting space, which for a whole lotta reasons is in the bedroom where we are staying. Straight across from this is my wardrobe, which I love to bits and both of these are right next to the bed, once I’m happy with everything I’ll post some photos. It’s not the best of spaces but untill we buy our own home its perfect for now.

So why am I showing you a rather weird photo of part of a messy room, well as I have a desk now and a suitable area I can once again get creative and I’m so excited to get started. Currently at the moment I’ve made a start on a swoon quilt block and I’m starting to get back into the swing of Project Life. With all the trouble last year with dad I just didn’t have the heart or the mentality to get ahead and do it and I’ve been procrastinating this year and well its Michael’s 30th today and I thought if there was a day to start it would be today. Looking forward to putting my progress on here.

So onto his card, I went with something nice and easy and bike related and as I haven’t created anything paper formed for over a year and a half I just wanted to settle into it. Very very proud though :). The bike stamp is by far one of my most used stamps, I’m forever using it on stuff!

So that’s it for now, just a quick update, if anyone has any other ideas on how to sort stuff further I’m all ears, the space above is storing all my scrapbooking, knitting, fabric and embroidery items, plus a few other things here and there. I did a purge of my scrapbooking stuff so don’t have as much stuff but just replaced it all with fabric sigh, so now I have to much of that! I really need to learn to just buy when I have a project in mind and not when I just like that fabric lol!

Well here are dreams of a lovely craft room/space all to my own.

Sew Together Bag

So I finished my sew together bag, and boy am I in love with it, so much so I want millions of meters of the fabric and make huge swoon quilts with this colour scheme, I’m just well more in love with it than anyone should be.

The mini swoon quilt turned out a lot better than I thought it would do, and to this day I am still amazed that I managed to make sew something so small, each of those blocks measure 0.5cm each!!! The bigger blocks measure 1inch each so they were not so bad!

For the back I just continued with the random squares and I think the look it gives of is really good!

The inside has the best map fabric ever and loads of space to fill!

Then just peeking out of the zipper pockets are mermaids and octopus’ whats not to love about that!

The pattern itself was quite hard to read, but I managed to sew this together at the right time as on Quilt Barns blog is a very good step by step tutorial of how to make the bag and well without those step by step instructions I would still be quite lost now.

I will defiantly be making another, have no idea on the colour scheme or who for, I just kind of want to make one again! So if anyone would like one and swap it for something else, please get in touch!!

A little miniature Love

There is something to be said about small things, I for one can never say no to a puppy snuggle or a miniature Dachshund, so even anything in miniature!! My other half suffers from the same thing and has a small (read big) obsession with Monkey bikes which are basically small motorbikes since I bought him his first one for our first Christmas together, yep was more I couldn’t leave the cutie in the shop, plus he looks epic on it, probably why I also have one……………hmmmm maybe this should just read that we both have an obsession..yes anyhow onto sewing!!

Add to this the enlightening fact that I have to go above and beyond in anything I do, and I recently just been obsessing over the swoon quilt (will be making a lovely Cat Nap one soon) you can really see where this is going!

I drew up a plan for my Sew Together Bag, not the best plan but as soon as I looked in my stash and seen my Out to Sea map I knew KNEW! This was what I wanted to do. Seriously how could you say no to that whale??? Sooooo cute!!!!!

Cue a lovely tooth abscess (read seriously infected!) and a very upset miserable girl, with a wee bit of extra time. I managed to finish my miniature swoon quilt in a record 2 days, of which one of them was a full day and the other was just a few hours while watching RAW before WrestleMania.


Ok it’s not perfect but Jesus I am so in love with it, and as it’s my first time ever doing something miniature and well something to this extent on the sewing machine I’m damn proud. Worst thing is now I think I’ve been bitten by some bug, once I’ve finished my sew together bag I can defiantly see a mini swoon quilt in my future, Especially as these are only 4” big, how epic would a 8” by 8” mini swoon quilt be?!

Cannot wait to get started on the next part, I have a feeling my Sew Together Bag is going to be epic!