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There is something to be said about collecting sewing machines

I think I have an addiction, a very bad addiction, one which the other half really doesn’t help with.

Some days I wish it was chocolate, um actually I think I’m addicted to that too lol, some days I even wish it was exercise I was addicted to.

But no its sewing machines, lovely glorious sewing machines

To date I have sewed practically nothing, nada, maybe a mug rug here or there but nothing major and to date I own around 5 sewing machines!


Seriously who owns 5!

I know I say they are all for different things, I have a singer which does heavy duty, a normal singer for when my current “modern” machine dies and one just encase and the new one because it um……………pretty!

And I’m not even finished yet, I’d love to add a Hello Kitty one (or several) to my collection.

See addicted!

Case in point, below is a lovely photo (from the internet) of one my other half has just picked up at our local tip, he knew instantly that I would want it no asking. The 70’s vibe its giving it off makes me squeal with joy.

It’s missing a few things but I couldn’t put a healthy (fingers crossed) sewing machine down.

One day I will have a lovely wooden glassed case to put them into, till then I don’t know where to store them, they are currently bending the shelf in my wardrobe though lol

I am away next week so won’t be able to play with this baby till I get home but I’m more than excited and it makes me really want to get loads of sewing done, I have so many ideas in my head it’s unbelievable.

Just need to name her now, I’m all ears for suggestions!


(photo credit –;#axzz2wOnlVohQ)

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Stash Builders

Stash building is something that I am only really learning about, and as I’m really new to sewing (had a sewing machine for ages just never used it) I thought I’d better start getting a nice little stash together.

There is something about these prints (Riley Blake – Fun and Games collection) that caught my eye in the not so local but local enough craft shop that I just had to buy them.

I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but I guess that is what stash builders are, just something to have in stock so when I want to make something its there. Just need to find a suitable way to stash it all now lol!

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Napping with Cats

There is nothing that I can say that hasn’t already been said about the Catnap fabric collect by Lizzy House, other than that its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Seriously there are mice on bikes which makes me in there like swimwear! I waited ages to get this collection in the hopes someone in the UK was going to get it, there were odd parts of the lines here and there but not the whole collection.

So I went to the next best place for me, and got it quick as a fiddle, even if my bank has laughable exchange rates lol.

The above collection is destined to be a giant swoon quilt, or at the moment it is. I could always change my mind, I’m currently playing around with all the FQ to put them into sets of two, and then decide on what colour to have as my main backing.

In other news I am so much in love with the collection that having a FQ bundle just isn’t enough, I know already that I will be getting a couple more FQ from the collection to add to my stash, you know “just encase” lol.

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Life Lately

My current and first EPP quilt, for some reason I don’t take the easy route, and thought clamshells would be amazing, could never understand why there wasn’t alot of info about clamshell quilts on the internet. Now I know, its so slow going! 

I’ve got around 5.5/6 rows done so far, I’m wanting to have it done before I go to FQR 2014 well see, its amazingly slow progress!

Me and my sister have just bought our hotel and plane tickets to go, so excited as never been before, hoping to learn new things and meet new friends.

Life lately is:

listening:  to Happy by Pharrell Williams on nonstop repeat at work
eating:  Satsuma’s nom nom
drinking:  a caramel latte
wearing:  scary work clothing (which I don’t like, really need a new wardrobe!)
feeling: excited, we’ve just bought the plane and hotel tickets for FQR 2014
weather: sunny for once
watching: the last episode of the season for Airplane Repo, so going to miss it!
reading:  Homefarmer magazine
waiting:  for summer
wanting:  to sort out my craft space
needing:  to sort out my craft space, I have so many ideas for new quilts and items that I just want to make!
thinking: about what I need to make for FQR 2014
enjoying:  the sun
wondering:  whether my mum really is going to be happy in retirement!
wishing: that she is going to be amazingly happy once she retires, she defiantly has deserved the spare time.

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